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Black Strapping

From £18.15

Product Description: Black Strapping.

Size: 12mm x 0.5mm x 2000m BS: 130kg, 12mm x 0.6mm x 1500m BS: 180kg, 12mm x 0.9mm x 1000m BS: 220kg.

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Brown Board Back Envelopes

From £8.10

Product Description: Brown Board Back Envelopes.

Size & Weight: 229 x 162mm 115gsm, 241 x 178mm 115gsm, 267 x 216mm 115gsm, 318 x 267mm 115gsm, 324 x 229mm 115gsm.

Additional Info: Boxed in 125s.


Document Enclosed Envelopes

From £8.24

Product Description: Document Enclosed Envelopes.

Size & Style: Plain A7 – Avon – 110 x 110mm, Printed A7 – Thames – 110 x 110mm, Plain A6 – Mersey – 155 x 110mm, Printed A6 – Severn – 155x110mm, Plain A5 – Forth – 225 x 166mm, Printed A5 – Tay – 225 x 166mm.

Additional Info: Boxed in 1000.

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Grey Poly Mailing Sack

From £33.75 per 1,000

Product Description: Grey Poly Mailing Sack.

Size/Thickness/Quantity: 250 x 300mm +40mm 50mu Packs of 1000, 300 x 350mm +40mm 50mu Packs of 1000, 350 x 400mm +40mm 50mu Packs of 500, 400 x 525mm +40mm 55mu Packs of 500, 525 x 600mm +40mm 55mu Packs of 200, 600 x 700mm +40mm 60mu Packs of 200, 700 x 800mm +40mm 60mu Packs of 15.


Jiffylite White Envelope (multiple packs)

From £6.75 per 150

Product Description: Jiffylite White Envelope.

Size & Quantity: No 000 90 x 145mm Int Dim x150, No 00 115 x 195mm Int Dim x150, No 0 140 x 195mm Int Dim x100, No 1 170 x 245mm Int Dim x100, No 2 205 x 245mm Int Dim x100, No 3 205 x 320mm Int Dim x50, No 4 230 x 320mm Int Dim x50, No 5 260 x 345mm Int Dim x50, No 6 290 x 445mm Int Dim x50, No 7 340 x 445mm Int Dim x50.


Plain Brown Postal Tube + Caps (multiple packs)

From £3.20 per pack of 10

Product Description: Plain Brown Postal Tube + Caps.

Size & Quantity: 560mm x 50mm x 1.5mm x24, 700mm x 177.8 x 3mm x5, 710mm x 76.2mm x 2mm x10, 900mm x 76.2mm x 3mm x10.

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Semi Open Sealing Clips

From £18.00

Product Description: Semi Open Sealing Clips.

Size: 12 x 25 x 5mm.

Additional Info: Boxed in 2,000s.

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White Board Back Envelopes

From £22.00

Product Description: White BoardBack Envelopes.

Size: 195 x 195mm 7in mailer.

Additional Info: Box of 200. Ideal CD Mailer.